Friday, December 16, 2011

Do Not Cry for Me Now

Do not cry for me now

Do not shed another tear

Because I am happy now

In a place of wondrous abound

With my brothers below

Who fell beside me so

We are where we belong

Monday, December 12, 2011

Thee Fall

Alone I stand against the masses of death

Reaching out for a life unknown

I step in the way of those who should not be

To make a statement of the waste I see

I not alone hold the true key

To bring about the change we need

I set forth to let it known

I will not stand alone

No more will it be

We should give ourselves to thee

I bring about a passion to all

Would be so small

It would never leave their breaths

Hopefully to put thee to rest

We come one and all

To see thouest fall

From the grace of the land we know

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Walking

To the death I do go

To the life I will abide

To my soul I give to thee

To my life I want to be

I walk among the days

While I am in the night

So I must take my soul

And give it life

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Soldiers Death

To see the faces of ones who died

I feel their deaths abide

In the Earth below

I mourn for all who now subsides

In the dust we provide

I march on to beat of a drum

To one day join those who life now gone

I make their deaths known to all who hear

In honor of those who fell so dear

To the deaths door they went

Knowing full well what it have meant

Now our cries they do not hear

Only the sounds of a life so dear


My burden, My shame, My disgrace to the end

I must carry it all everywhere I go

My life is but a shadow unto what it use to be

So sad I am I can not be what I was before

Go on I must

To try to much

To gain what I've lost

So my life is what I make

So much I see so much I take

Life can not be so cold as this

I must be able to get rid of it

Long is the road to regain me